S. Hwang


commission styles

chibi sticker / icon

  • icon (bust) / chibi sticker (full body) (see examples)

  • full colour + lineart

  • full body: transparent background only

  • icon: background included

  • add character: +50% of base cost

$25 USD (icon)
$40 USD (full body)


  • waist up / full body only (see examples)

  • full colour + lineart

  • simple background and/or props included

  • ask for quote: complex background, heavy detail, complicated armour, many props...

  • add character: +50% of base cost

$75 USD (waist up)
$125 USD (full body) 



commission details

Interested in a commission?

  • Send commission requests through the contact form below, with the subject line “Commission”.

  • Include visual references for the character(s) you would like.

  • (optional) Include details for what you’d like in your commission such as specific colour schemes, themes, character personality traits, etc.


  • will draw: kemonomimi (animal ears and tails), original characters, fanart, BL/GL OK

  • will not draw: extremely realistic animals (see samples), mecha, vehicles, R18

  • If you would like to commission a style that isn't listed here, please contact me to discuss.

  • I reserve the right to turn down commission requests if I feel I cannot complete it (due to schedule or other reasons). Please understand and thank you.



  • Paypal invoice. Please provide a valid email that you will check regularly.

  • All prices are in USD.

  • 50% of the total cost is required once I send the sketch (max 3 major changes allowed before extra cost)

  • The remaining 50% is to be paid upon delivery of the final piece

What you get

  • Sketch for approval (no major changes after this is approved)

  • High resolution finished image (300 dpi) without watermark

  • Lower res image without watermark for posting/use

  • Unless specified, commissions will be posted with my watermark on social media, and may appear in my online portfolio.

Turnaround time

  • Approximately 2-4 weeks after I begin.

  • Your piece may take longer depending on queue/schedule/other reasons, but may also be done sooner. I will keep you informed about delays

  • Let me know if you have a deadline to meet when you send the commission request, and I will let you know whether I can meet it.

Terms of use

  • All commissions are for non-commercial, personal use only

  • You are free to edit and use without credit if you are the commissioner

  • You cannot re-sell the artwork, but you are free to use for personal use.

  • If you did not commission the piece, you cannot use the artwork in any way without permission from the person who commissioned it