S. Hwang

Shut-In Simulator

It's a new expansion! You know what that means... get to the max level before the next one comes out!

Fill up the progress bar by playing. Make money to buy food by working on the computer. Make sure that you keep up with your hygiene, stay fed, and get lots of sleep in your grind to world first at max rank.

Created by Dan, Liam & Susie for Ludum Dare 37 (One Room)



Play as one of five unique classes as you slay enemies, gather heroism points and compete with your friends in this meta-quest to become a game's sole protagonist! Challenge yourself solo, or play with up to 5 other players in networked multiplayer co-op.

Will you be the hero, or just another sidekick? Only your heroic actions will determine who will be the best of the quest.

A CISC496 (Game Development Project) - Winter 2015 course project by Isabel McCarten, Greye Smyth & Susan Hwang.


Bubble Heaven

Bubble Heaven is a dynamic memory challenge game that involves both time and money management. Players must memorize food orders, and move the waiter to pick up and deliver orders to the customers. Do your best to deliver correct orders for happy and well-fed customers!

A CISC226 (Game Design) - Winter 2014 course project by Dreamhub (Nancy Hwang, Susan Hwang and James Pang)